SMV på seimsfoss

Throwback Friday!

Anders Hovda, Tor Hovda, Gudvin Hovda, Egil Hovda, Paul Åsmund Hovda, Einar Malmanger, Magne Seim, and Hans Huse – stand behind SMV's pallet jack.

This marks the beginning of SMV's journey into developing equipment according to the customer's needs. Even though the machines we produce today are much more advanced, the creativity, development, and desire to create remain the same as in 1961.

The design and hydraulic system, developed by Anders Hovda, were produced until the early 70s. All parts and components, except the wheels, were manufactured at SMV. The pallet jacks were delivered throughout the country from Kirkenes in the north to Lindesnes in the south, and were particularly popular within the shipyard industry, logistics, dock facilities, fish processing plants, and similar.

In 1968, with the relocation to Skånevik, SMV changed its name from Seimsfoss Mechanical Workshop to Sunnhordland Mechanical Workshop, marking a new chapter in SMV's history.

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